Charging into tomorrow today

Bastø Electric sets a new standard for green passenger ships. The 144 m long, 20 m wide vessel has capacity for 200 cars, up to 24 heavy goods vehicles and 600 passengers, making it the world’s largest all-electric ferry. But this amazing ship is just the start of the company’s wider ambition to transform Norway’s busiest ferry route into its greenest.

Working with key industry partners, such as DNV, Bastø Fosen is investing in both charging infrastructure and vessel modifications to greatly enhance the environmental performance of its existing fleet. Two diesel-powered sister ships are now also being converted to electric propulsion, with the plan of bringing them into operation in 2022. At this point 75% of all departures will be quiet, comfortable and all-electric, saving a massive 6 million litres of diesel out of a total consumption of 8.5 million litres per year.Read more on #maritimeimpact.

source Dnv

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