MARE FORUM Designing the Ship of the Future 5


Thursday, April 1, 2021 · 11:00 AM CEST (90 min)


MARE FORUM and BUREAU VERITAS will host the fifth online round table of the series “Designing zero-carbon ships of the future and what to do until they are ready”

This theme will be discussed again in a holistic approach, in a roundtable consisting of leading experts of the maritime industry chair-holders. They will exchange their thoughts, ideas, and visions and try to give the answer to the following questions.

Moderator:  Nick Brown

Communications Director, Bureau Veritas, Marine and Offshore


Carmelo Cartalemi  Global Sales at WinGD

Alessio La Rosa

Global Head of Freight at COFCO International

Elizabeth Lindstad

Chief Scientist, SINTEF Ocean

Spyridon Tarasis

General Manager, Olympic Vision Maritime Company Inc

Vice-Chairman, Intercargo


Gavin Allwright  Secretary-General at International Windship Association


Björn van de WeerdhofManager Business and Fleet Development, Anthony Veder Group

Board Member, Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF)



Who has a clear view of the design of the ship of the future? (low emissions, greater efficiency, speed, digitalization, materials, engines, etc..)

Who will design the ship of the future?

What insights do we have into the commercial viability of future ship designs?

Who will take the investment risk on these technologies? What is the role of the capital provider and charterer?

Is LNG just a transition fuel? Hydrogen, ammonia, batteries, and nuclear?

Is there enough infrastructure in ports worldwide to facilitate new fuels?

Will we have new trades, requiring new ship types – e.g. hydrogen carriers and ammonia product tankers?

Agenda for action – next steps. What can we do now to help accelerate the availability of zero-carbon ships while at the same time reducing shipping’s footprint: slow steaming, retrofits, ESG reporting, and verification?

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1 Comment

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